Academic Advising/ Counselling Sheets

If you are a first year student and are looking for resources on how to successfully transition from high school, please go to:

Academic Advisors

See below for the professors who can offer academic advising for each program.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)

Lionel Walsh:                                          ex. 2820

Meaghen Quinn:                                 ex. 2819

Michael Keating:                                     ex. 2811

Lee Wilson:                                       ex. 4623                               

Drama in Education

Alice Nelson:                                   ex. 2803

Concurrent Bachelor of Arts Education

Tina Pugliese:                                              ex. 2805

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

David Court:                                               ex. 2812

Michelle Macarthur:                ex. 2825

Esther Van Eek:                                        ex. 2813

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Counselling Sheets

Please choose your program to access the counselling sheet

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)
Drama in Education
Concurrent Bachelor of Arts Education
Bachelor of Arts