Students of Dramatic Art

Club SODA is a student run organization exclusive to the School of Dramatic Art. All Dramatic Art students are automatically members, and are welcome to participate in any and all events organized by the Club SODA Executive Members.

Most drama students are actively involved in all events. The organization creates within itself a sense of community, co-operation, and theatre appreciation.

One of the great benefits of belonging to Club SODA are the free tickets (SODA comps) to University Players' performances.

The voted representatives of Club SODA fill the positions of:

The Executive:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Public Affairs Coordinator

General Assembly:

  • UWSA Outreach Rep
  • Social Media Rep
  • BFA Rep (2)
  • DRED Rep (2)
  • BA Rep (2)
  • Drama and Communications Rep (2)
  • Drama/Concurrent Education Rep (2 - 1 from Drama and 1 from Education)
  • Members at Large (2 - number of positions varies yearly)
  • First Year Rep (2)

Each programme representative acts for the Dramatic Art student body at all Dramatic Art Council meetings. At these meetings they can put forth student concerns and discuss drama issues as they relate to students.

Voting for new executive members occurs annually in the Winter semester. The new executive is announced at the School of Dramatic Art formal held in the spring of each year.


The Club SODA office is located next to the student lounge in the Jackman Dramatic Art Centre.

You can also reach us at: 519-253-3000 ext. 4619


Our mailing address:

c/o School of Dramatic Art
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave.
Windsor, ON  N9B 3P4

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