Durae Mcfarlane performs a monologue in the Hatch Studio Theatre

Entrance Workshops

If you are interested in applying to the School of Dramatic Art, we encourage you to sign up for one (or more!) of our workshops, especially if you intend to audition for the BFA Program. 

Virtual Workshops are now available by appointment. Meet one of our professors and work your monologues before your audition! Email drama@uwindsor.ca to book now.

The School of Dramatic Art holds an annual monologue and audition workshop for students interested in applying to the BFA in Acting program. Workshop opportunities to learn more about Drama and Education in Community (applied theatre), BFA in Acting, BA Drama Concurrent Education, and BA Honours is also available.


This interactive workshop will explore drama as a vehicle for teaching 
and learning. Participants will be introduced to a variety of drama and 
theatre strategies that can be implemented in classrooms at the 
elementary and secondary school level. Leaders will share personal 
experiences and highlights from field placements. 


Students will explore Shakespeare scenes, characters, and themes
through acting exercises and dramatic play. Topics may
include embodying the text, imagery, storytelling, and connecting
elements of Shakespearean plays to present day.


Students will embody elements of the Michael Chekhov 
Psychophysical Acting Technique and explore “on your feet” 
approaches to character development. These exercises will help the 
actor discover character movement and psychology.


This workshop outlines the creative process of Scenic Design 
for the Theatre from creating rough sketches and coloured
renderings to developing working drawings and scaled models.
The workshop includes a discussion on how to develop the 
creative idea and realize it on the stage.


This workshop introduces participants to the basic elements of 
voice work for actors.  Through vocal games, voice exercises, and 
physical engagement, students will gain an understanding of the 
potential of their voices to be expressive and clear. 


This workshop is designed to give students strategies and
approaches that will help them prepare to audition. Topics
may include choosing monologues, memorizing, making
active choices, warming up, stage fright, introducing
yourself, responding to direction, giving and receiving, and cold
reads. All participants will need to have a monologue chosen 
and memorized. (Specific topics will be chosen based on the 
needs of the class)


This interactive workshop will highlight work from the Drama
in Education and Community and the BA (Honours) Drama Programs.
Students can expect to engage with various approaches of 
performance and drama practices. Leaders will also share personal 
experiences, present information about all programs at the School of 
Dramatic Art, and talk about how a degree in theatre can prepare you 
for a wide range of career opportunities.

For more information, please contact us:

Email: drama@uwindsor.ca
Phone: 519-253-3000 x2804