Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

Welcome to the Employee Engagement Survey Website.

Thank you to all employees who completed the first-ever employee engagement survey. 

The 2022 Employee Engagement Survey results have provided us with a more accurate picture of the employee experiences at the University of Windsor. They highlight areas of strength and opportunities to enhance our workplace culture and the employee experience.  

We are committed to following through on the opportunities emerging from the survey results as these are fundamental to improving the way we work together to create a work environment that we can all enjoy and contribute to the University's success.


2022 Employee Engagement Survey Results

Employee Engagement is about creating the conditions in the work environment that enable employees to do their best every day and that motivates employees to actively contribute to the success of the organization.

It is about:

  • Finding personal meaning and motivation in one’s work/role.
  • Feeling energized about the future of the organization and motivated to contribute to its success.
  • Being given a voice and having an opportunity to shape the organization’s future.
  • Feeling supported, included, trusted, empowered, and recognized


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The University is committed to transparency and accountability

The University of Windsor will share the summary of the University-wide results with faculty and staff in April-May 2022 through a variety of mechanisms such as Town Hall meeting, Daily News and survey website. Unit level reports will be shared in the Summer/Fall. To protect confidentiality, a minimum of 5 responses is required to share unit level responses. 

The Executive Leadership Team is committed to turn the survey results into action. The image below, highlights the process by which results will lead to the implementation of concrete strategies to create impactful change. In addition to this, department/area specific reports will be shared with managers/supervisors for the identification of  department/area specific strategies. These reports will only be made available to departments/areas with a minimum of 5 respondents. 

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Turning Results into Action flowchart


Your participation in the survey will help shape priorities and initiatives in the areas that will have the greatest impact on the workplace experiences of faculty and staff. 

The survey results (reports) will also support the:

  • Development of the University's Strategic Plan: Aspire.
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Indigeneity and Decolonization review.
  • Development of a mental health strategy for employees.

Contact: EngagementSurvey@uwindsor.ca