Employee Engagement Survey

Advisory Committee

Thank you to the Advisory Committee for their service to the University

The Advisory Committee completed their work in May 2022. 

Advisory Committee Members

Pierre Boulos, Learning Specialist, CTL (representing WUFA)

Marcela Ciampa (Chair), Director, Organizational Development & Training, Human Resources

Mitch Fields, Dean, Odette School of Business (representing Provost's Council)

Robyn Herman, Program Administrator for Master of Management, Odette School of Business (representing CUPE Local 1393 and CUPE Local 1001)

Beth Natale, Director of Student Recruitment, Student Recruitment (representing the Managerial & Professional Group)

Sukanya Pillay, Human Rights Manager (Interim), Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility

Heather Pratt, Executive Director, Research and Innovation Services (representing Research and Innovation)

John Regier, Director , Facility Operations, Facility Services (representing Finance and Operations)

Christine Young, Faculty Recruitment Coordinator, Office of the Provost (representing Unifor Local 2458 FT, PT and Engineers and Unifor Local 444)