Dillon Hall image with heading 2022 Employee Engagement Survey - Turning survey results into action

Turning Survey Results Into Action - University-Wide Results

Background Information

  • In March 2022, the University of Windsor conducted its first Employee Engagement Survey. This was an opportunity for faculty and staff to share their experiences about working at the University of Windsor.
  • The survey was conducted by TalentMap and consisted of 19 sections. Employees shared their perspectives using a 5-point agreement Likert scale. Open-ended questions provided opportunities to share suggestions.
  • The survey results highlighted 7 opportunities to improve the workplace culture and the employee experience. View the survey results.
  • The Employee Engagement Survey Action Group was established in the fall of 2022 to review both the qualitative and quantitative data associated with the 7 opportunities for improvement to identify recommended actions to enhance the workplace culture and employee experiences. These were presented to the Executive Leadership Team in March 2023.

Overarching Drivers of Engagement and Associated Key Actions

For the purposes of action planning, the key actions emerging from the data analysis have been clustered into 4 overarching drivers of engagement. For each driver, the Employee Engagement Survey Action Group has identified key actions emerging from the data analysis, the expected change associated with the key actions, and the priority opportunities for improvement (from the survey) addressed. 

For the purposes of the Key Actions outlined below, the definition of Executive Leadership Team outlined in the survey was adopted (President; Provost and Vice-President, Academic; Vice-President, Finance and Operations; Vice-President, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (now Vice-President, People, Equity & Inclusion) and Vice-President, Research, and Innovation).

Overview of key actions by engagement driver:

View the PPT presentation, which includes both the background information and the overarching drivers of engagement and key actions listed above.

Status Updates on Key Actions