MASc/PhD Admission Procedure

Due to a system changeover, applicants for Fall 2024 MASc and PhD programs should apply by April 20, 2024.

Our Department allows the admission of new candidates in each semester of the academic year (Fall, Winter or Summer).  Application deadline dates for all applicants (domestic and international) to our program are indicated in the table below:

Semester  Start

 Domestic Deadline to Apply

International Deadline to apply

 Fall (September)  July 1st
(Scholarship deadline: May 1st)
May 1st
(Scholarship deadline:  May 1st)
 Winter (January) November 1st
(Scholarship deadline: September 1st)
September 1st
(Scholarship deadline:  September 1st)
 Summer (May) March 1st
(Scholarship deadline: January 1st)
January 1st
(Scholarship deadline:  January 1st)

The minimum (Ontario equivalent) CGPA admission requirements for our MASc or PhD Program is indicated below and is calculated on the last two years of study.

 Program  Grade or Percentage
 MASc  "B-" or 70%
 PhD  "A-" or 80%

The minimum CGPA admission requirements to be considered for an Entrance Scholarship for the MASc or PhD program is "A-" or 80% (Ontario equivalent score), and is calculated on the last two years of study.

An academic TOEFL or IELTS (internet or paper-based) is required for all international students whose country of origin's primary language is not English.  The list of exempt countries and all accepted tests can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website (English Lanuage Proficiency Examination Score Exemptions).   The mininum score requirements for admission to our MASc or PhD Program is indicated in the table below.

 TOEFL (paper-based)  580
 TOEFL (electronic)  220
 TOEFL (internet-based)  83
 IELTS  6.5
 CAEL  70%
 Pearson  65
 Duolingo English Test  120

A minimum of two Confidential Reports are required to be considered for the MASc Program, and a minimum of three Confidential Reports are required to be considered for the PhD Program.

Application instructions: Once your application is received by the University of Windsor you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the UWin Electronic Graduate Application System (eGAS) which will allow you to upload all required documents and track your application progress.  After you have clicked on "Submit Application" your referees will receive an automatic e-mail notification to complete the electronic Confidential Report form.  The referees will be given three weeks (21 days) to complete the Confidential Report form.  

Upon receiving your complete eGAS application in the department it will be directed to the program Graduate Coordinator for review to ascertain if you are qualified for acceptance to our MASc or PhD Progam. The Graduate Coordinator will then forward your file to the appropriate departmental faculty members.  If a professor commits to supervise you, the Graduate Coordinator will then recommend admission and forward your file to the Dean of Graduate Studies for final review and approval.  You will be notified by e-mail immediately once a decision has been made. 

Q:  Do you need to submit a statement of interest with your application?  Yes.

Q:  Do you need to apply with a supervisor in mind?  While it is not a requirement, it is recommended that an applicant finds a potential supervisor before applying.  Please refer to our departmental website for a complete list of CEE faculty members and their resesarch areas.

Q:  Do you need the GRE test to be considered for admission?  No, the GRE test is not required to apply and be considered for MASc or PhD admission.