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The Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre) is a University-wide initiative created to encourage entrepreneurship on campus and support students and graduates interested in launching their own businesses. With over 9,000 square feet of space, EPICentre maintains a fully-furnished, open concept incubator dedicated to innovative startups from a variety of industries and sectors.

EPICentre hosts more than 60 programs and activities annually and runs three business incubators on campus: EPIC Innovation, Industrial Courtyard, and Biotech Courtyard. Students can apply to one of these three spaces on campus to help develop their business ideas. EPICentre can also provide students with the following services:

In-Class Education, Research: EPICentre looks to engage students through in-class education, as well as research performed by professors involved in entrepreneurship. EPICentre has become involved in classes across campus, in faculties such as Engineering, Business, Law, Creative Arts, English, Music, Computer Science, and others.

Extracurricular Activities: EPICentre offers activities such as a Guest Speaker Series and startup networking events and workshops to aid in educating students and sparking their entrepreneurial spirit outside the classroom.

Consulting and Mentoring: Once students and recent graduates are interested in pursuing the idea of starting a business, EPICentre offers free business and legal consulting. Additionally, these students and recent graduates can also take part in "peer-2-peer consulting," which allows the student or recent graduate the opportunity to ask a successful entrepreneur from the community anything related to their business.

Competitions: Students are able to apply to various on- and off-campus entrepreneurial competitions to put their business idea to the test and potentially win thousands of dollars in startup funding. EPICentre will provide financial support as well as mentoring to ensure that students are properly prepared to travel around the world to compete and win funding to help their business grow.

EPIC Founders Program: EPIC Founders Program is a 12-week intensive program for students and recent graduates to develop their ideas into, at minimum, viable products. Each team member (up to two per team) is paid up to $6,000 for participating in the program. The program is offered during the summer and fall terms.

Incubator Programs: The Incubator Program grants startups get access to one of the University's three incubator spaces as well as exclusive programs and services.

How can I get involved as a faculty member?

Instructors can cooperate with EPICentre through the Faculty Fellows Program. This program encourages interdisciplinary collaboration around creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. EPICentre particularly recognizes faculty members who are committed to providing their students with skills to pursue their career of choice – faculty who champion change, build bridges, and transform the student experience.

Faculty can also use the classroom and their courses to expose students to EPICentre and entrepreneurial activities. Non-business programs are highly encouraged to incorporate entrepreneurship and innovation into their courses.

Finally, faculty can register through EPICentre to become a mentor for academic, design, and professional entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses.

Is there a cost associated with EPICentre's services?

No. EPICentre is a free service provided to all University of Windsor students and alumni (within 7 years of graduation) interested in starting an innovative business.

EPICentre is located on the second floor of the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre at the southeast corner of the intersection of Wyandotte Street West and Sunset Avenue.

You can reach EPICentre at Extension 3515.

For more information consult the   EPICentre website.

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