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Internal Funding Opportunities

The Office of the Provost and VP Academic’s Internal Grants and Funding Programs page contains links to three internal funding opportunities for faculty:

  • Sabbatical Research Grant in Lieu of Salary
  • Research Grant in Lieu of Salary
  • Article R.7 for Sessional Instructors

This page also links to the University Policy on Use of Internal Research Grant Funds.

The Office of Research and Innovation Services’ ORIS Administered Internal Programs page will direct you to several further opportunities.

Your primary contact for any program administered by ORIS is Research Facilitator/Executive Assistant Kate Rosser-Davies.

The Office of Open Learning awards Open & Online Learning Strategic Development Grants to departments, faculties, and faculty with qualifying projects.

Your primary contact for OOL grant information is Director Nick Baker.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning awards CTL Travel Grants for faculty participating in teaching and learning conferences. It also coordinates Centred on Learning Innovation Fund (CLIF) Grants for proposals related to innovative teaching and learning practices.

Your primary contact for information and assistance with CTL grant programs is Administrative Assistant Marilyn Powley.

If you or your student(s) are interested in commercializing/monetizing your research, you may find the Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre) helpful.


Note: This site is a living document, the goal of which is to improve, in some small way, the working lives of University of Windsor faculty. We are eager to collaborate with the campus community to better this service over time. If you can identify any knowledge gaps, missing resources, or outdated or erroneous information on this site, please contact Iva Gentcheva, Director, Office of the Provost and Faculty Recruitment, without hesitation.