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Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Committees

Both genders must be represented among the elected faculty members on these committees.

Procedures and quorum requirements differ from those of Departmental Council and are set out in Bylaw 22 (Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Committees).

You can find this and other Bylaws on the Secretariat's Senate Bylaws page.

Please review the attached chart for information on Council composition, voting, quorum, gender requirement, and student participation as they relate to the various aspects of the appointments and RTP processes (from striking the committee to approval of the recommended candidate by Council).

If you have any questions regarding the Bylaws or a related matter, your first point of contact is Renée Wintermute, the University Secretary.

For matters concerning faculty appointments, contact Daniela Beaulieu or Iva Gentcheva.

For questions related to RTP, contact Cindy Wills.

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