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Welcome to Ontario

Welcome to Ontario! Newcomers to Canada's most populous province may find the following information resouces helpful:

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Welcome to Canada

As a newcomer to the country, you should review the Government of Canada's All Services" webpage. This is the easiest way to get quick, direct access to every Government of Canada service and information about how the Government works.

You may also find some of the following links helpfuL:

Quick links

  • Government of Canada for New Immigrants
    Apply for a permanent resident card or Canadian citizenship and find out about how to start your life in Canada. You can also find out what services are near you to help and what to expect for your first tax year.
  • Welcome to Canada: What you should know
    This official guide from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada outlines the opportunities and challenges inherent to relocating to Canada. It details what you can expect in your first few weeks in the country and offers specific guidance regarding finding a place to live, navigating your new city, working and going to school, and connecting with the community. It also features important information about Canadian laws and health care.
  • Parliament of Canada
    Educate yourself about the function and history of Canada’s Parliament, which includes the Senate and House of Commons.
  • Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
    Access news, statements, itineraries, and various media releases from the Prime Minister.
  • Government of Canada: Monarchy and the Crown
    Canada is a constitutional monarchy. Discover how the Crown in Canada has evolved and remains an essential and relevant component of the country's identity, contributing to a sense of unity and pride among Canadians.
  • Government of Canada: Departments and Agencies
    Enter a department name or abbreviation to connect with current Government of Canada departments, agencies, crown corporations and special operating agencies.
  • Elections Canada
    Elections Canada is the independent, non-partisan agency responsible for conducting federal elections and referendums.
  • Global Affairs Canada
    This governmental agency works to strengthen Canada’s contribution to a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world. Beyond its borders, Canada contributes to international peacekeeping, security, and humanitarian assistance, through renewed leadership, constructive international engagement, increased and diversified international trade, and foreign direct investment.
  • Government of Canada: Culture, history, and sport
  • Government of Canada: How government works

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For further information and assistance regarding any part of the relocation process, please contact the Faculty Recruitment Coordinator in the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic.

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