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Office of Research and Innovation Services

Research Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research and Innovation Services (ORIS) focuses on supporting and promoting research at the University of Windsor. It is the primary contact for the federal granting councils (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC), government ministries, industry, associations, and foundations that typically provide financial support for research and creative activities.

Specifically ORIS identifies and disseminates research funding sources and opportunities; liaises with funding agencies on your behalf; assists in the development, submission, and tracking of grant proposals and contracts; ensures compliance with policies and guidelines; provides and administers internal competitions for research support; develops university research policies and procedures; ensures ethical, regulatory and contractual considerations are addressed; and receives award notifications from agencies and liaises with Research Finance to establish grant accounts.

As most funding agencies have rules and regulations regarding submissions of proposals and allowable expenses, ORIS is here to help develop your proposals and provide advice on developing your budget.

How do I obtain signatures for my funding application?

To obtain signatures required for submission of a funding application or contract, please contact the ORIS staff member responsible for your application. You will then be provided with the information you need to obtain the required signature(s). You may need to provide certain documentation; you will be guided through this process. All applications or contracts require submission of the ORIS Funding Application Information Sheet and Checklist form, which you can find on the ORIS website.This form must be completed and submitted to ORIS at least 5 business days before sponsor deadline.

For full information regarding submission procedures, please visit the "Submitting Your Grant Application" page.

How do I get a new grant account?

Grant accounts are managed by the Office of Research Finance, but the process is triggered through approval at the Office of Research and Innovation Services. To arrange for a new grant account for either internal or external funding, please contact the ORIS staff member responsible for the funding sponsor, and you will be guided through the process for obtaining a grant account number. Please note that in cases of research requiring Research Ethics Board clearance, access to funds is subject to receiving that clearance. Researchers are able to apply for partial release of funds prior to clearance. Please contact the Research Ethics Board Coordinator for more information about the partial release of funds.

Where do I find information about funding opportunities?

A list of major funding agencies can be found on the ORIS website in the Funding Opportunities section. As well, the monthly newsletter, “Plugging into Research,” is disseminated by ORIS to all faculty members. It provides a list of current funding opportunities available to researchers.

The Office of Research and Innovation Services is located in the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre, Room 150.

To reach a specific ORIS contact, please consult the ORIS Contacts directory.

For more information, visit the  ORIS webpage.

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