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Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost and VPA provides support and a variety of services to new academics. These services are listed below:

New Faculty/Librarian/AAS Orientation Workshops

The Provost Office hosts the Orientation Workshop. The workshops and information sessions are intended to orient the new members to their teaching responsibilities and the research environment at the University of Windsor and helps new faculty connect with a wide variety of resources on campus.

Appointees Enrolment Form (Seamless Entry Process)

To help faculty transition more smoothly into the University and the community a "Seamless Entry Process" was created that allows new faculty to streamline a seemingly endless series of tedious administrative tasks – establishing an employee profile, registering for benefits and payroll, etc. – all in advance, all through one simple online resource. In order for new faculty to enrol, they will need to have signed a letter of acceptance and have received a UWIN account and a PASSWORD to enrol online. Contact the Provost Office for details.

Information Centre for Immigration Matters and Working in Canada

Assistance is provided to new international academics with their immigration-related matters, including obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), paying the Employer Compliance Fee (for faculty in limited-term appointments and sessional instructors), and any submitting additional supporting documents to assist the member in completing their work permit and/or permanent residency applications.

Training and Workshops

In collaboration with OHREA and the Senate office, informational and training workshops are provided to Department Heads, Deans, Secretaries/Administrative Assistants, Appointment Committee members and Employment Equity/Procedures Assessors on the following topics:

  • Employment Equity
  • Recruitment
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Pre- and Post-interview Assessment Grids
  • New Faculty Orientation Events

Assistance is provided on an as-needed basis in assisting academics with spousal hiring, parking, housing, banking, taxes, health care and benefits, insurance, automobile licensing, moving, furniture purchases, parking, computer user accounts, social insurance numbers, and other concerns related to their relocation.

Whatever it takes! The Provost's Office provides new academics with information for the many needs in their smooth transition to Windsor.

Office of Quality Assurance

The Office of Quality Assurance was established in 2010 and has responsibility for the administration and application of the University of Windsor’s IQAP. It is headed by Dr. Edwin Tam, Acting Associate Vice-President, Academic, who also chairs the New Program Steering Committee. The office also liaises with the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance (the Quality Council) and with Senate (which is the final authority at Windsor for the approval of new programs and program and curriculum changes).

The Office of the Provost and VPA is located in Assumption Hall.

Iva Gentcheva - (519) 253-3000, ext. 2003

 Visit the Office of the Provost website.

Support for new hires:
The Office of the Provost also provides several services for new and early-career faculty members. For more information on this topic, please see the Early-Career Faculty Resources section of this website.

Located in Room 2245 Centre for Engineering Innovation (CEI), South Entrance on California Avenue.

Penny Kollar, Institutional Quality Assurance Process Administrator, ext. 2114.

 Visit the Office of Quality Assurance website.

Note: This site is a living document, the goal of which is to improve, in some small way, the working lives of University of Windsor faculty. We are eager to collaborate with the campus community to better this service over time. If you can identify any knowledge gaps, missing resources, or outdated or erroneous information on this site, please contact Iva Gentcheva, Director, Office of the Provost and Faculty Recruitment, without hesitation.