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Discovery Program

Your first year at the University of Windsor is an opportunity to explore what interests you most. The Discovery Program enables you to discover your interests and academic abilities by beginning your studies without being restricted by declaring a major.

What will you study in the Discovery Program?

As a student in the Discovery Program, you will take the course Understanding the Contemporary World (course code GART 1200) that enables you to discover the connections between the social and political contexts of a variety of disciplines, including literature, music, popular culture and visual arts.  What is most important is that you will have the opportunity to in this course to receive extra support in small tutorial groups. These tutorials will provide you with knowledge about study skills and resources on campus so that you can set your objectives not only for your university studies but also for your future career. In addition, you will take the courses Effective Writing 1 and Effective Writing II (course codes GART 1500 and GART 1510) that provide communication skills needed for success not only at university but also throughout your future career.

What are other courses available for students in the Discovery Program?

Students whose major is “undeclared” can enrol in the following courses among others:

  • Introduction to Media and Society (CMAF 1010)
  • Introduction to Psychology as a Behavioural Science (PSYC 1150)
  • Introduction to Canadian Government and Politics (POLS 1000)
  • Women in Canadian Society (WGST 1000)

How do you enrol in a major after completing the Discovery Program?

First-year students who are admitted to the Discovery Program as an “Undeclared” student should declare a major by the end of their second full-time semester. How to declare a major

However, you can choose a major after either one or two semesters by using UWinsite Student. All requests for declaring a major are processed by the Registrar's Office and the Department or School to which you are applying.

You may declare a major at any time during the semester, but the process will not be completed until the current semester's grades are official.

For further information about the Discovery program contact Dr. Natalie Atkin or phone 519-253-3000 extension 3256.

You can also find out further information through the student advisers at