Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start program builds the skills needed for successful university study through: required course, on-going academic advising, a pre-study workshop, and strategies to improve students’ grades and grade point average (GPA).

Are you eligible for Fresh Start?

Students who are at the end of year 1 in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences who have a GPA between 53.0 and 54.9.  Fresh Start enables these students, who can be required after two semesters with a low GPA to withdraw from University for one academic year, to continue their enrolment. Eligible students will be sent a Learning Contract to complete and submit to the Office of the Associate Dean, Academic and Student Success.

What will you study in Fresh Start?

The Fresh Start program provides strategic support to enable you to develop study skills relevant to multiple disciplines through the course Investigating the Contemporary World (course code GART 2200).  Students can also repeat other courses in which they received low grades.  Repeating a course enables you to improve the final grade and your GPA.


"The Fresh Start Program for me meant that I was able to prove not only to the school but to myself that I deserved to be here. It also instilled in me faith in the school system, as it allowed me to feel like I wasn't just another number.

I feel like I came out of the Program a better student.... I had to commit to achieve goals. The skills you learn as a Fresh Start student are so easy to carry with you throughout the remainder of your university career. "

Jasmine Burke-Ishmael, Sociology major

"I feel like a whole different student with new confidence and drive....I highly recommend Fresh Start to anyone who is struggling."

Ashley White, Women's and Gender Studies major

Have questions? Please contact Dr. Natalie Atkin at for more information.


Updated: August 29, 2022