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Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in FAHSS

Here is a directory and links to more information on each of the Interdisciplinary graduate degree programs offered by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Argumentation Studies (PhD)

  • Builds on the informal logic movement in Philosophy at the University of Windsor.
  • Complements that longstanding strength with perspectives and applications from across the disciplines — Psychology, English (Rhetoric), Computer Science, Visual Arts, Law, Political Science, and Teaching and Learning.
  • Provides unique and powerful training for a range of careers from human resources and conflict resolution to policy development, research, and education.

Visit the website:  www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/307/argumentation-studies

Communication and Social Justice (MA)

  • The MA Program offers students a distinctive opportunity to pursue their diverse scholarly interests in a vibrant, supportive atmosphere conducive to addressing issues of social justice in a variety of contexts.
  • The program bridges two main scholarly approaches to the study of communication, media, and culture – political economy and critical cultural studies.
  • It is designed to advance original and provocative interpretations of everyday communicative and symbolic environments; facilitate research on the definition, evolution, and transformation of rights and communicative practices, whether through policy, culture, and/or custom; and develop practices and strategies oriented toward social justice initiatives.


Visit the website:  www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/313/communication-and-social-justice

Criminology (MA)

  • The MA in Criminology is designed to meet the growing demand for highly qualified personnel in criminology.
  • It prepares students for research and leadership in related industry fields and academia.
  • The Department provides students with research tools, a knowledge base, and critical thinking skills in a scholarly and collaborative environment.
  • Students who enter into our thoughtfully designed program find that it offers an inclusive education that encourages discovery, and the expansion of their own creative ideas

Visit the website:  www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/315/criminology

Film and Media Arts (MFA)

The School of Creative Arts also offers an MFA in Film and Media Arts program. Like the MFA in Visual Arts, the MFA in Film and Media Arts focuses on studio production with an emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration. Students are expected to create films and multimedia works in a variety of genres en route to developing a thesis project.

Visit the website:  www.uwindsor.ca/mfa/33/mfa-film-and-media-arts


Philosophy / Juris Doctor (MA / JD)

Students who are admitted to the JD program at the University of Windsor may defer their entry by one year to complete the requirements of an MA degree in Philosophy.

Qualifying students must submit a separate application to the MA program in Philosophy at the University of Windsor and satisfy the same admission requirements as regular MA applicants.

Visit the website:  www.uwindsor.ca/philosophy/339/ma-philosophy-ja-program


Social Work / Juris Doctor (MSW/JD)

The MSW/JD is a dual degree program designed specifically for students who want to obtain both MSW and JD degrees. The program is structured to enable a student to obtain an MSW and a JD degree a full year sooner than if the student had chosen to pursue the degrees independently. Applicants who hold a Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW) can obtain an MSW and a JD in 3 years while applicants with an Honours degree in a related discipline can obtain the degree in 4 years. The course sequencing is planned so that students can gain experience in the two professions simultaneously, including two specialized courses that integrate law and social work knowledge, perspectives and professional identity.

Visit the website:  www.uwindsor.ca/socialwork/420/master-social-workjuris-doctor

Visual Arts (MFA)

The Master of Fine Arts Program in Visual Arts at the University of Windsor is a two-year, studio-centered program geared towards creative exploration, innovative experimentation and the development of a sustainable artistic practice. The program provides graduate students with a critical and theoretical framework that enables the independent development of artistic research and studio production that is supported by a range of dynamic faculty, visiting artists, curators and critics. Windsor’s School of Creative Arts has one of the longest running MFA programs in Canada, founded in 1979. University of Windsor MFA graduates have gone on to establish significant careers as visual artists, educators, curators and arts professionals.

Visit the website:  www.uwindsor.ca/mfa/32/visual-arts



More Graduate Programs

Here is a directory and links to single focus graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

English (MA)
History (MA)

Psychology (PhD and MA)
Social Work (PhD, MSW, and MSW/JD)

Sociology (PhD and MA)
Updated:  Sept. 25, 2019