Meal Plan Rates

Which Meal Plan is Best for You?

Students in residence* have four (4) meal plans to choose from based on:

  1. The size of your appetite
  2. How many meals you typically eat per day
  3. How often you will be away from campus
  4. Increased flexibility to purchase food at our convenience store, vending and local restaurants that have partnered with Food Services
  5. The Full Plan is recommended for students living in Alumni Hall, in order to cover taxable purchases at its C-store

* All students that live in residence are required to purchase a meal plan each semester

Available Meal Plans

  1. Minimum $2,825 (per semester): The Minimum Plan is best for students with small appetites, who are not usually on campus during weekends.
  2. Light $3,000 (per semester): The Light Plan is best for students with a lighter appetite, who are occasionally on campus during weekends.
  3. Full $3,100 (per semester): The Full Plan is our most popular plan. It’s best for students with an average appetite and who will stay on campus during most weekends.
  4. Plus $3,200 (per semester): The Plus Plan is best for students with a hearty appetite and who will be on campus during most weekends.

Meal Plan Budget Tool

Note: 50% of your meal plan will be automatically set aside at the beginning of the semester for overhead fees, however; with every purchase made on campus (excluding our Off Campus Partners), a 50% discount will be applied at the cash register. Account balances will carry over from the fall semester to the winter semester.

Residence Meal Plan Accounts

  1. Basic Plan: A tax-exempt account designed to be used at all food locations on campus.
  2. Flex Plan: A taxable account used for: taxable food purchases on campus, at our convenience store, for vending purchases or with our Off Campus Partners.

Please note fees are payable August 15th (Fall Semester) & December 15th (Winter Semester)