GLIER-TRUST VIRTUAL SEMINAR SERIES 2022 begins Friday, Jan. 21. Dr. Jennifer Willet, University of Windsor

Please join us for a virtual seminar given by Dr. Jennifer Willett, Friday, Jan. 21, 2022 at 10:00 am. 

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This is Bioart’s Moment!  
Pandemic Reflections on Radical Interdisciplinarity in the Arts and Sciences  

Since March 2020, STEM communities have worked around the clock in extraordinary ways to help our planet’s population mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Given the situation, mainstream debates about science, medicine, and technology are at an all-time high in public forums.  However, the quality of public scientific discourse has proven challenging, counter-productive, and in some instances harmful to the self-preservation of individuals and populations.  Science denial is not new.  We have a long history of science denial mitigating our collective response to the global climate crisis, a slow creeping emergency.  What is new, is the very public rejection of scientific data and medical directives in the face of an acute crisis, with the possibility of imminent harm or death.
In this presentation, Dr. Willet will introduce audience members to propositional solutions to mitigate the challenges of poor public scientific discourse and science denial, through radical interdisciplinarity, diversity, community engagement, and education.  Dr Willet will introduce examples of interdisciplinary art/science projects and methodologies she has developed in over 20 years engaging non-specialists in the arts and sciences.  She will also introduce her lab, INCUBATOR Art Lab, a bioart research and teaching facility in the School of Creative Arts at University of Windsor in Canada. @incubatorartlab

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