GLIER is home to two major projects, GEN-Fish and RAEON.  Both of these are multi-partner collaborative research endeavours involving researchers, students and other stakeholders from around the country working towards common goals. 

GEN-FISH is a team of researchers and end-users who are trying to find a better way to determine the location and abundance of Canada’s 200+ freshwater fish species and measure how they are performing in the face of increasing (mostly human-made) stressors.

The Real-Time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network (RAEON) provides the infrastructure, staff and data management that Canadian researchers need to carry out cutting-edge, integrated and transformative research on the Great Lakes. RAEON improves understanding of the mechanisms and processes of large lake ecosystems and contributes to the management, rehabilitation and enhancement of their ecosystem services.

FishCAST is a co-curricular training program designed by experts and funded by NSERC to train graduate students in the fisheries and aquatic sciences. Our goal is to complement degree programs and provide students with the hands-on experience and connections necessary to succeed in their fields after graduation.  FishCAST recognizes that research impact and excellence is multidimensional and recognize historical biases associated with notions of excellence. We are committed to engaging in this debate through a multidimensional, intersectional lens of justice, equity, access, inclusion and Indigeneity

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