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Policies for Users of the Microscopy Facility

All equipment users must adhere to facility policies.  Anyone not adhering to facility policy will not be granted future access.

Be on time for your appointment.

If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please cancel 24 hours in advance, so that we may schedule someone else in that time slot.

All users wishing to use the equipment on their own must be trained by the facility technician.

For the SEM, all samples must be clean and free of dust or loose particles.  Compressed air should be used to remove any loose debris prior to the sample going in the microscope.

Any damage to the equipment due to negligence will be the responsibility of the student and their supervisor.

The equipment hard drives will be cleared periodically to create space.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have copied their data and made multiple copies.  The facility does not back up users’ data.

Images and data generated by students in the facility are the property of the supervisor.

No food or drink are allowed in the labs.