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SEM User Fees and Booking

Booking Time on the SEM:

Users should contact the technician, Sharon Lackie, by e-mail to book time on the SEM.  Most often people book a morning (9:00-1:00) time slot, or afternoon (1:00-4:30) time slot, however other time durations can be accommodated.  Users are charged based on the time they actually use. 

Contact Sharon Lackie

Users can view the SEM Booking Schedule to see what times are available, but cannot book the SEM on the calendar.


User Fees

User fees are charged in order to generate funds to maintain the equipment. Fees are charged on an hourly basis or part thereof, and vary based on whether the technician operates the SEM for the user, or it is user-operated. There is a fee for training, after which the trained user is charged a lower rate. This training fee incorporates the hourly rate, plus a fee for technician time.

Internal Academic Hourly Rates (persons within the University of Windsor Community)

Trained User (once trained by the technician): $45
With Operator (technician): $55
Training Session: $95
Elemental Maps: $50

External Academic Hourly Rates (persons outside the University of Windsor Community)

Trained User: $55
With Operator: $65
Training Session: $95
Elemental Maps: $50

Industrial User

Trained User: $100
With Operator:  $120