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The University of Windsor will host a virtual Fall 2021 Convocation to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of its Graduates and to ensure that they can safely share this special time with friends and families.

Fall 2021 Convocation will take place November 5 and include 2 sessions.  All sessions will be streamed on the University of Windsor's website and housed there for future viewing.

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Public Affairs and Communications produces a high-quality webcast for all convocation sessions. The webcast can be seen on this web page.

Viewing Tips:

  • Use the playlist at the right side of the video window to watch earlier sessions.
  • Use the "fullscreen" button to enlarge the video window.
  • The video may not play as smoothly when HD ("high definition") is turned on. Click on the "HD" button (inside the video) to turn HD on and off.
  • Please refresh the web page if the video doesn't play, or if you experience difficulty watching the video.

All sessions from previous years are available in the Convocation Video Archive.