Service Excellence

Service Excellence

At the University of Windsor, we are committed to creating a culture of service excellence. We believe that excellent service experiences will reinforce our Wheel of factors which are included in service excellence: Professional, Caring, Respectful, Reliable, and Responsivecommitment of putting students first, foster a culture of support and success across campus, and strengthen our reputation of being a welcoming campus.

Service excellence is about all employees working together to create a consistent and exceptional service experience across campus. Our daily interactions with students, colleagues, alumni, donors and other stakeholders matter.  

This website outlines the:

  • Service Excellence Vision which articulates the type of service culture that we want to create.
  • Service Excellence Standards which help to clarify the behaviours and actions that promote and support our service excellence efforts.
  • Service Excellence Guide which includes practical information and tips for putting the Service Standards in action.

We encourage supervisors and employees to become familiar with the documents found on this website and become ambassadors of service excellence. 

Service Excellence Vision and Standards

Service Excellence Guide

The Service Excellence initiative was led by a working group comprised of employees from key service areas across campus and it engaged 87 employees and 37 students through 17 focus groups in the development of the Vision and Standards.