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Spring Shutter Bug Photo Contest

April 26 – May 14, 2021

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry (168 images were submitted) and to those who voted on their favourite photo.


Congratulations to the winners of the Spring Shutter Bug Photo Contest!


1st Place

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Two adult Canada geese and 3 goslings
Submitted by IT Support Administrator, Odette School of Business

2nd Place

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An adult Canadian geese and one gosling
Submitted by Peter Marval, Media Artist and Consultant, Centre for Teaching & Learning
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Spring is here! The sun shines brighter, and the weather gets warmer each day. With the province stay-at-home order, this is the perfect time to venture outdoors, in areas where you can physically distance, get some exercise, clear your mind and embrace the signs of spring.

Being in nature, be it at your neighborhood park or your own backyard, can be beneficial to your mental health, help you lower stress, improve attention and lift your mood. Next time you are out, bring along your phone or camera, capture a photo of your favorite spring sightings that are unique, make you smile, bring you joy, inspire you, energize you or are simply fun and enter the images into the contest for a chance to win prizes!

For example, snap a photo of (bullet points):

  • Beautiful flowers, plants, gardens

  • Trees in bloom, leaves, branches

  • Sunrise, sunset

  • Animals, birds, insects

  • Rain, puddle, rainbow

  • Bird nests or feeders

  • And any other sights of spring that move and/or inspire you

Please note:

Photos without people are preferred but if your photos feature people, please ensure that you obtain their permission prior to entering the photo in the contest.

The contest is open to all faculty and staff. Over the next 3 weeks, venture outdoors and take a photo of spring sights that inspire you this season; select up to 3 photos that you would like to enter into the contest and email them to employeeengagement@uwindsor.ca no later than May 14, 2021. You can submit your photos weekly or all together by the deadline.

Being in nature, gardening, or taking a dog for a walk can have positive impact on our physical and mental health. It can reduce anxiety, improve attention and boost your mood. It can also help us feel more calm and relaxed, and reduce negative emotions (Ontario Parks, 2020).

Outdoor physical exercise or walking pets is permitted under the current Ontario stay-at-home order. As you venture outdoors, remember to limit close contact to only members of your household and keep a distance of at least 2 metres from others.

The winning entry will be selected by the campus community. All entries will be posted on this site (without the name of the individual who submitted it) and the campus community will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite entry.  


Best image - $100 Amazon gift card

Runner up image - $50 Amazon gift card

Prizes sponsored by the Office of the Vice-President, Human Resources

Enhance your mental wellbeing while enjoying the sights, sounds and fragrances of spring.