Succession Planning Program

The departure of an employee in a critical position/role can put the University at risk. Such risks could be operational, reputational and/or financial in nature. The literature on the subject indicates that effective succession planning programs can assist organizations to minimize the impact of expected/unexpected vacancies. Succession planning is not only critical for organizational success, but it is also a very effective process for recognizing, developing and retaining leadership talent.

Succession planning is a systematic process designed to identify and build a pool of employees ready to fill positions/roles that are critical to the effective functioning of the University and to the attainment of the institutional priorities. It provides an opportunity for employees to develop the skills and competencies needed to compete for these critical positions as they become available.

Critical positions can be defined as those positions which if left vacant could create operational, reputational or financial risks and/or compromise the progress toward achieving the institutional priorities.

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