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Workplace Wellness Team Challenge

June 6 to July 3, 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Into Wellness workplace challenge (over 71 individuals!).

Congratulations to the two winning teams:

  • Most Points Earned winner: WCTOA Team (Team members: Steph Beneteau, Kaye Johnson, Diane Luu-Hoang, Cherie Gagnon, Shelby Marchand)
  • Most Creative Team Name winner: Spring Forward Team (Team members: Jacqueline Stagner, Mitra Mirhassani, Hannah Sands, Giselle St. Louis)


Wellness is not just about healthy eating and physical activity; it is also about restful sleep, a sense of connection with others, the ability to cope effectively with life’s challenges, self-compassion, and much more!

From June 6 to July 3,  the Workplace Wellness committee invited all employees to participate in the Spring into Wellness 4-week workplace wellness team challenge. The challenge has been designed with the Workplace Wellness Wheel in mind and addresses 4 of the 7 dimensions of the Wheel: Social, Mental/Emotional, Physical, and Environmental Wellness. A Wellness Wheel is a tool that highlights interconnected dimensions of wellness that, when combined, can lead to a more balanced and meaningful life.

This challenge aimed to encourage employees to give a little more attention to the areas of wellness that may be neglected by suggesting specific simple and fun things to do each day.

  1. Form a team of up to 5 members
  2. Select a Team Captain and come up with a fun team name

Team Captain


   Spring into Wellness challenge Card   Individual Tracking Card   Team Tracking Card
     Spring into Wellness challenge Card      Individual Tracking Card       Team Tracking Card
  • Earn 1 point by completing the daily activity
  • Use the weekend to earn one (1) additional point by completing an activity from that week (for example, on Saturday, repeat an activity from Tuesday). You can only earn one (1) extra point per week.
  • Use Individual Tracking Card to record your points and send your weekly total to the Team Captain each Monday morning
  • The Team Captain will compile the number of points earned by the team using the the Team Tracking Card and submit the final form no later than Wednesday, July 6, 2022 to employeeexperience@uwindsor.ca to be entered into the Challenge Champion draw.

At the end of the 4-week challenge, once all tracking forms have been submitted, the challenge champions will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Most creative team name.
  • Most points earned. The challenge champion will be identified by dividing the total number of points earned by the team, by the number of team members. Teams that accumulate the same number of points will be entered into the prize draw to select the challenge champion.
  • Challenge champions will be contacted via email, followed by the story in the Daily News.


Share your progress, tips and tricks with us or ask a question at employeeexperience@uwindsor.ca



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