TA Allocation - Winter - FRENCH TUTOR

LLC has the following immediate opening for one Teaching Assistant position in Greek and Roman Studies, French Studies and Modern Languages courses for the Winter 2023 Term with duration from February 21 to April 30:





FREN-1220-ALL / FREN-141-01

French Language Training II / Introduction to Literary Studies

1 or 2 hours a week until end of semester (CHN2154)

1 / 10

TA positions are subject to sufficient enrolment and final budgetary approval. Projected LLC TA Funding Allocation, based on last year for 2021-2022, is $17,592.00 or 800 hours at the TA II rate of $21.99. The actual number of TA hours assigned to each course will be based on current enrolment. (All positions are subject to sufficient enrolment and final budgetary approval.)  According to the CUPE 4580, Collective Agreement wages are; TA I $20.39, TA II $21.99, and TA III $28.85 per hour for undergraduate students.

Expected TA duties

It is anticipated that the majority of Winter 2023 classes across the University will be held face-to-face on campus or have a face-to-face component. TA employees are expected to make themselves available to report for all assigned duties, both on-campus and online. The University of Windsor health and safety protocols and public health and safety regulations that are in place will be observed for any face-to-face or on-campus duties required to support Winter term 2023 courses. Refer to the University’s Return to campus webpage (www.uwindsor.ca/returntocampus) for details about the policies in effect through the Winter 2023 semester.

Eligibility Requirements

TA appointments shall be offered to qualified applicants in accordance with the criteria specified in Article 12:04 of the Collective Agreement. To be eligible for a Teaching Assistantship you must be a registered student:

  • Must be registered for the term of work at the time of hiring.
  • Must maintain registration throughout the term and must be in good standing in the degree program.
  • Note that Teaching Assistants cannot be employed for more than 100 hours per semester total. If you already have applied for another TA position (in this or another department) note that the total combined hours for all TA appointments held in all departments cannot exceed 100 hours total for the period January 1 to April 30, 2023.

Required essential qualifications

  • Applicants must have prior experience in the course area and be in good academic standing. 
  • A minimum Major average of 78% and cumulative average of 78% is required of all applicants.
  • Applicants must be senior (3rd or 4th year) program majors or 2nd year majors who have taken the course in a prior term.
  • Applicants must have taken the course for which they are applying for with a minimum of 78% grade.
  • Applicants must have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection with video and audio capabilities.
  • Applicants must be familiar with LMS and MS Teams or be able to acquire knowledge through training.

Upon being hired, NEW TAs must complete 5 training modules (“Accessibility Training”, “AODA”, “Violence in the Workplace”, “Health & Safety” and “WHMIS Training”).  Once an Employee Number has been obtained, TAs can log in on www.uwindsor.ca/requiredtraining to find out which training modules they have to complete. 

The GATA Network offers free interactive workshops targeted specifically at the challenges facing GAs and TAs.

TA Applications are available for download. And applications are to be submitted to Diana Wu by email to llc@uwindsor.ca

Deadline for receiving applications is January 31, 2023. However, applications may be accepted until all positions are filled.

In pursuit of the University of Windsor's Employment Equity Plan, members from the designated groups (Women, Aboriginal Peoples, Visible Minorities, Persons with Disabilities, and Members of Sexual Minorities) are encouraged to apply.