Transforming Windsor Law Guiding Principles

Image of new exterior look of the Windsor Law building

To help us plan for a transformed space, the Steering Committee has developed 5 guiding principles: 

  1. Create a welcoming and accessible place that instils pride in Windsor Law.
  2. Increase usable building space in a way that puts the student experience at the centre and that supports dynamic teaching, research, experiential learning and service.
  3. Design flexible and multi-purpose spaces that are forward-looking and open to change.
  4. Connect the building to our local Indigenous peoples, physical environment, heritage and communities.
  5. Promote environmental sustainability, health and well-being.

Open the architects' presentation to Faculty Council on November 10, 2021.

Funds raised to date: 

building coloured in with yellow and text that says "5.9

To make your contribution to Windsor Law or Transforming Windsor Law, please contact Mike Flanagan at

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