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We are exceptional.

Windsor is an exceptional law school offering a broad legal education and practical lawyering skills in an intimate environment that supports and nurtures lifelong relationships.

We are different.

Our admissions process is decidedly different. We actively seek a diverse student body through the thoughtful consideration of the whole person in the admissions process and through financial aid to make law school affordable to our students.

Our programs are shaped by our focus on access to justice and transnational law, and are characterized by a learner-centred community that values intellectual curiosity, interdisciplinary research and global scholarship.

We are transnational.

Our campus, situated next to North America’s busiest international border crossing, faces one of Canada’s most beautiful waterfronts that stretches along the Detroit River. There is no better place to study comparative Canada-U.S. law or to earn joint Canadian & American Dual JD degrees that will allow you to practice law in both countries.

Our Degree Programs:

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