Patrícia Galvão Ferreira, Assistant Professor

Patrícia Galvão Ferreira joined the Faculty of Law as an Assistant Professor in transnational law in July 2018, after one year as the Law Foundation of Ontario Scholar. She is the Director of the Transnational Environmental Law and Policy Clinic at Windsor Law and a member of the Transnational Law and Justice Network. Galvao Ferreira holds an SJD from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, an LLM from Notre Dame University Faculty of Law and a BA from Federal University of Bahia in Brazil.

Professor Galvão Ferreira broad research interests include international law, transnational law, environmental law (and policy), global governance, law and development, rule of law, natural resources law, human rights law, food and drug law (and policy), climate change law (and policy) and sustainability studies. Her most recent publications are in the topics of international environmental law and climate justice, climate finance law, climate litigation, global governance and natural resources law, and the intersection between international environmental law and indigenous rights. She co-edited the 4th Edition of the Canadian Environmental Law and Policy coursebook published by Emond in 2020.

Currently, Professor Galvão Ferreira is collaborating with Windsor Law Professor Anneke Smith on the Cities and Climate Forum, which received the support of a federal grant in 2020.