Full-time Faculty

At Windsor Law, our greatest asset is our people. Our faculty are exceptional scholars and excellent teachers who are among the leaders in their fields. They are widely published in books and prominent law journals, and are actively engaged in community and public policy issues. Together, they form a vibrant intellectual and social community that provides our students with an appreciation of law as a vehicle for social and legal change.

Our Leadership

Professor Reem Bahdi, Faculty of Law

Dean of Law
Associate Professor


Associate Professor Paul Ocheje
Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies)
Associate Professor
Ext. 3964
Lisa Trabucco
Associate Dean (Students)


Our Faculty

Image of Beverly Jacobs
Currently on secondment to President's Office
Senior Advisor to the President on Indigenous Relations and Outreach
Associate Professor


Professor Wissam Aoun, Faculty of Law

Assistant Professor
Ext. 4207


Professor Jeff Berryman, Law

Distinguished University Professor


Assistant Professor, Pascale Chapdelaine
Associate Professor
Ext. 2961


Assistant Professor, Patricia Galvão Ferreira
Assistant Professor


Image of Laverne Jacobs
Ext. 2970


Danardo Jones
Assistant Professor
Ext. 4274


Associate Professor, Jasminka Kalajdzic
Associate Professor
Ext. 4225


Associate Professor, Muharem Kianieff

Associate Professor
Ext. 2957 


Assistant Professor, Ruth Kuras
Ruth Kuras
Assistant Professor
Ext. 2945



Assistant Professor Margaret Liddle, Faculty of Law

Margaret Liddle
Assistant Professor
Ext. 4268


Manoj Mate
Assistant Professor
Ext. 4291


Assistant Professor, Sylvia McAdam
Sylvia Mcadam
Assistant Professor
Ext. 2908


Distinguished University Professor, Richard Moon, Faculty of Law
Distinguished University Professor
Ext. 2937 


Assistant Professor, Claire Mummé
Associate Professor
Ext. 2988 


Assistant Professor, Jillian Rogan
Assistant Professor
Ext. 4358


Professor Noel Semple
Associate Professor
Ext. 2951


Assistant Professor, Shanthi Elizabeth Senthe
Assistant Professor
Ext. 2946


Assistant Professor Tess Sheldon
Assistant Professor


Associate Professor, Anneke Smit
Associate Professor


Associate Professor, Gemma Smyth
Associate Professor


Professor, David Tanovich
Ext. 2966 


Distinguished University Professor, Myra Tawfik

Distinguished University Professor
Ext. 2935
Assistant Professor, Vasanthi Venkatesh
Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor, Valarie Waboose
Assistant Professor


Image of Chris Waters


Christopher Waters
Ext. 4233



Assistant Professor, Sara Wharton
Associate Professor


Associate Professor, Sujith Xavier
Associate Professor
Ext. 4219 






Professors Emeriti

Bill Bogart   wbogart@rogers.com
Ray Brown   rbrown@uwindsor.ca
Bruce Elman  
Mary G. Gold   mggold@uwindsor.ca
Neil Gold   ngold@uwindsor.ca
Maureen Irish   mirish@uwindsor.ca
Charles James   cjames@uwindsor.ca
Lakshman Marasinghe   lmarasi@uwindsor.ca
Brian Mazer   mazer@uwindsor.ca
George Stewart   gstewar@uwindsor.ca
Marcia Valiante   mvalian@uwindsor.ca