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Grade Distribution Profiles*

Fall 2023 Grade Distribution Profile

Winter 2023 Grade Distribution Profile- Uploaded May 11, 2023

Fall 2022 Grade Distribution Profile- 

Winter 2022 Grade Distribution Profile

Fall 2021 Grade Distribution Profile- (PDF)

Winter 2021 Grade Distribution Profile (PDF)

Fall 2020 Grade Distribution Profile (PDF)

Fall 2019 Grade Distribution Profile (PDF)

*Subject to change


Other Resources for Students

Payment of Fees

  • Information regarding methods of payment, and contact information for tuition fees/inquiries.

2022/2023 Important Academic Dates & Deadlines

  • Complete Law Calendar including important dates and holiday closures.


Transcripts for the Law Society for all Law III Students

As you know, you are required to provide the Law Society of Ontario with a final transcript of your law degree for your application for admission.

Please note that it is your responsibility to order the transcript and pay the requisite transcript fee. You may order your academic transcript via UWinsite Student. Instructions on how to order transcripts can be found by following this link: http://www.uwindsor.ca/registrar/711/transcripts

You should request a hold on the transcript request pending record of the degree. The Registrar's Office will produce the final transcript showing the conferring of your degree approximately one week following Convocation. The final transcript can be sent, by courier, directly to the Law Society of your choice.