Transforming Windsor Law: Accessibility & Inclusivity

For the visually impaired, tactile walking systems have been seamlessly integrated throughout the building, providing guidance and support for safe navigation.

Accessibility has been significantly enhanced through thoughtful changes in the interior design, ensuring a clear and unmistakable color contrast between walls, floors, and stairs.
Notably, new accessible entries, like the ground floor's north entrance, facilitate ease of entry for all individuals.
Inside the building, accessible circulation pathways have been thoughtfully planned to ensure unhindered movement for everyone.

The classrooms and common areas have been meticulously designed to meet accessibility requirements, ensuring that all members of our community can actively participate in academic and social activities. To foster a welcoming and inclusive environment, the building features gender-neutral bathrooms that respect the diverse identities and needs of our students, faculty, and staff.

This accessible and inclusive building reflects our deep-rooted belief in the value of diversity and strives to create an educational environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered.

Learn more about our accessibility with a tour from Duncan Higgins, Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects.