General Questions

Questions about Property

The University DOES NOT assume any responsibility for personal property owned by a faculty member, employee, student or visitor. This applies to all areas of the campus and parking lots and also if the person is off campus on University business. Faculty and staff are advised to ensure that their homeowner's insurance provides coverage for personal property used or stored at the University, or when used or stored elsewhere on University business.

Although theft and robbery of cash is covered by the University's crime insurance policy (less the very high deductible amount), mysterious disappearance and unexplained losses (no sign of forced entry) are not. It is critical that departments who collect and manage cash, do so in accordance with University of Windsor Finance Department Policies in order to minimize their exposure to losses. Cash boxes or drawers should be locked at all times and access restricted to specified employees only. Cash counting should be performed in a separate and secure area.

Never leave laptops or equipment that can be carried off in unlocked offices- these items disappear very quickly on this campus. Contact Physical Plant to have locks installed. Contact Campus Police for an assessment of your area from a security point of view.

Questions about driving and renting vehicles on University business

No. Faculty and staff (and students and volunteers) are responsible for providing adequate insurance coverage for their own vehicles when used on University business or activities. Faculty and staff are encouraged to inform their personal automobile insurance company if they are regularly using their own vehicle for University purposes and transporting passengers (e.g. students,other staff).

Use the appropriate informed consent forms, found in our Department Forms; entitled:

  • Volunteers Informed Consent, Private Vehicle; and
  • Employee Informed Consent, Private Vehicle.