Insurance Programs & Coverage

Insurance policies for liability and property are administered by the Department of Legal Services.

The administration includes:

  • Assessment of insurance requirements;
  • Accident/Incident reporting to appropriate insurance providers;
  • Claims administration;
  • Provide Certificate of Insurance (proof of coverage) when required by external parties; and
  • The preparation of liability waivers, when requested by academic and administrative departments.

The following is a brief summary of the University of Windsor insurance policies and does not include all conditions and exclusions that apply.

Specific questions should be referred to the Insurance & Risk Management Officer, Julie Laforet at (5l9) 253-3000 ext: 2080 or email at

  1. Self Insurance Program
  2. Property Insurance Policy
  3. General Liability Insurance Program
  4. Automobile Insurance Policy
  5. Non-Owned Automobile Insurance Policy