Certificates of Insurance

What is it?

A written document providing evidence that certain types of insurance coverage and limits have been purchased and are in effect.

Certificate of Insurance - General

Required for special events and/or contractual agreements

  • Organization Name – Office or institution name who is requesting the Certificate (referred to as the Certificate Holder on the Certificate of Insurance – the Organization name is not the University of Windsor) 
  • Full mailing address of the organization
  • Contact Name at the organization
  • Title of Contact Name
  • Telephone Number of Contact Name
  • Reason or reference for the Certificate
  • Specific Activity – for example, research information display
  • Date(s) of Activity - provide a start date and an end date
  • Who is performing the activity (name of Department, Faculty, Staff, Students)
  • Location of the Activity – where will the activity take place
  • Limit of Insurance required – (if not specified, we shall provide a default amount)
  • Additional Insured Requirement - yes or no (this is a request by the Certificate Holder)


One of the required areas on the Certificate of Insurance is the "Date(s) of Activity".  Please note our insurer will not backdate Certificates of Insurance.  For example, if the activity/placement has a start date of January 1st, and we do not receive the information until January 10th, the date on the certificate will read January 10th.

If research is involved, please specify who will own the research when the project is completed. 

If you require a Certificate of Insurance for a third party, please obtain the information as set out above and submit the Request Form to the Insurance and Risk Management Offier, at least two weeks prior to the Event.

Please note that if you have an Agreement/Contract, please provide a copy with your Certificate of Insurance Request Form (.pdf).