Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance policies for liability and property are administered by the Department of Legal Services. 

The administration includes:

  • Assessment of insurance requirements;
  • Accident/Incident reporting to appropriate insurance providers;
  • Claims administration;
  • Provide Certificate of Insurance (proof of coverage) when required by external parties; and
  • The preparation of liability waivers, when requested by academic and administrative departments.
  • Risk Managment

Risk Management, as an activity combines the service areas of:

  • Public safety
  • Environmental and occupational health and safety
  • Hazardous waste management
  • WSIB claims administration and insurable risk underwriting (administration of policies).

One of the goals of this University website is to raise awareness amongst all members of the campus community as to risks on our campus and to reinforce the point that we all need to be "risk managers" of a sort and should all be responsible to maintain control of the University's assets and have a safe environmnet for everyone on campus.