Dr. Cheri Ann Hernandez

University of Windsor
Faculty of Nursing
Windsor, ON N9B 3P4
Phone: 519253-3000 ext. 2263
Fax: 519-973-7084
E-mail: cherih@uwindsor.ca

Academic Qualifications

BScN – University of Windsor
BA – University of Windsor
Med – University of Windsor
PhD (Education) – University of Toronto
PhD (Nursing) – Case Western Reserve University

Teaching Area

Dr. Hernandez has taught in both the collaborative undergraduate program and the post-RN program and the graduate program.

Research Interests

  • Diabetes
  • Theory of Integration
  • Research using grounded theory
  • Quality of care

Current Research

  • First Nations Research – Experience of Diabetes
  • Women’s experience of cardiac disease
  • Blood glucose testing performance

Selected Publications

Anderson, R. M., Funnell, M. M., & Hernandez, C. A. (2005). Choosing and using theories in diabetes education research. The Diabetes Educator, 31, 513-520.
Hernandez, C. A. & Williamson, K. M. (2004). Evaluation of a self-awareness education session for youth with Type 1 diabetes.. Pediatric Nursing, 30, 459-464, 502.
Hernandez, C. A., Laschinger, H.K.S., Rodger, N. W., Bradish, G. I., & Rybansky, S. I. (2004).Evaluation of a self-awareness intervention for adults with Type 1 diabetes. Guidance & Counselling, 19, 28-36.
Hernandez, C. A., Hume, M. & Rodger, N. W. (2003). Six month evaluation of a diabetes self-awareness intervention. Outcomes Management, 7, 148-156.
Hernandez, C. A., Antone, I., & Cornelius, I. (1999). A grounded theory study of the experience of type 2 diabetes mellitus in First Nations adults in Canada. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 10, 222-230.

More selected publications

Courses Taught

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing (63-581) – grad course
Community Clinical (63-476) – undergrad course

Dr. Hernandez is a certified diabetes educator (CDE).