Dr. Dale Rajacich

Academic Qualifications 

2007 - PhD in Nursing, McMaster University
Advisor: Dr. M. Black
1984-1987 - Master of Science- Nursing, University of Western Ontario
1980-1983: Bachelor of Science-Nursing, University of Windsor
1967-1970: RN Diploma, Toronto East General and Orthopedic Hospital, Toronto 

Teaching Area

  • First year clinical experience
  • First year graduate course on stress and patterns of coping

Research Area

  • Women and Breast Cancer
  • International Development


I have never doubted why I choose the profession of nursing. It is a privilege to be with persons, in both health and illness, and become part of their life journey. As an educator I hope to inspire in new nurses, a passion and commitment to the profession. 

Current Research

  • The Meaning of Waiting of Women with Breast Cancer

Selected Publications

Boulos, P., & Rajacich, D. (2004). An Exploration of Critical Theory as a Philosophical Base or Nursing Science. Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 19, (1), 37-44.

Haddad, L., Kane, D., Rajacich, D., Cameron S., & Al-Ma-aitah, R. (2003). A Comparison of Health Practices of Canadian and Jordanian Students. Public Health Nursing, 21(1), 85-90.

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Thomas, B., Rajacich, D., Al-Ma’aitah, R., Cameron, S., Gharaibeh, M., & Delahunt, T. (2000). Developing a programme-review process for a baccalaureate nursing programme in Jordan. International Council of Nurses, 47, 243-247.

Rajacich, D., Khasawneh, J., Cameron, S., & Al-Ma’aitah, R. (2000). Development of human resources in nursing: A Collaborative initiative in CPR. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 32(1), 27-30.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:
Introduction to Nursing
Issues in Women’s Health

Graduate Courses
Alterations in Health
Clinical Judgment in Nursing Practice

Professional Affiliations 

Sigma Theta Tau International, Tau Upsilon Chapter, University of Windsor
Iota Omicron Chapter, University of Western Ontario