Research and Scholarship Committee: Vision & Mission


  • Create and Support a Research Intensive Environment


  • Provide support to Faculty's research endeavours and expand the research capacity and research portfolio of the Faculty

Research Priorities

Research in the Faculty of Nursing focuses on “Health Outcomes” and “Health Services” as two primary pillars and strategic priorities.   These two research priorities are well served by a particularly rich mix of enthusiastic established and rising scholars in our faculty who poses expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis.

Health Outcomes Research: This research priority pertains to research and scholarly activities that directly relates to the holistic psycho-social, spiritual, and physical health outcomes of individuals, families, and communities. The main objective of this research pillar is to inform direct nursing care. It also includes quality improvement and quality assurance focused projects. Collective research expertise under this priority includes, but is not limited to, primary care & disease prevention projects, patient safety, gerontology & vulnerable populations, oncology and chronic disease, and infection control.

Health Services Research: This research priority pertains to research and scholarly activities that relate to the processes and regulations of health care delivery, health systems, and program evaluation.  The main focus of this pillar is to conduct research and scholarly activities that will improve health care delivery and inform policy makers about the impact of health systems initiatives. Specific projects on this priority are often informed by need assessment of local partners and the ESC LHIN. Such projects include, but are not limited to, research on cross-border nursing, NP outreach programs, ED use, and other program evaluation projects.