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Dr. Michelle Freeman, PhD, RN, CPPS

Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1976; University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences 1976; University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
Master of Science in Nursing 1991; Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan                                         
Graduate Certificate in Gerontology 1994; Institute of Gerontology, Wayne State University; Detroit,Michigan
Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing) 2012, McMaster University; Hamilton, Ontario
Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS)
Certified Just Culture (Outcome Engenuity)

Diverse experience in health care settings in Canada and the United States; an advanced practice nurse with a clinical specialty in geriatrics; worked as bedside nurse, clinical educator, clinical nurse specialist, an educational specialist (ambulatory care), geriatric consultant (acute and long term care), nurse practitioner (acute care), project manager (case management) and corporate director and consultant (patient safety and quality); developed and directed programs in the community (Alzheimer’s Society and Quick Response Program).

Currently tenured associate professor; Graduate Coordinator; teaches Nursing Leadership, Quality Improvement to graduates & patient safety to undergraduates

Co-investigator in the Nursing Health Services Research Unit (NHSRU), McMaster University site; Chairperson for Medication Safety Committee and Medication and Patient Safety Advisory Committee; Faculty advisor for IHI Open School for Health Professionals, Windsor Chapter.

Research Interests:
Health services (e.g., health human resources; nurse migration; models of care; intraprofessional practice; leadership) and health outcomes (e.g., patient safety and quality improvement)

Selected Publications:

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Freeman, M. (1994, September/October). Quick response programs: Effective management of a population in crisis. Leadership in Health Services, 3(5), 36-39.

Courses Taught:

  • 63-235: Health Issues in Gerontology
  • 63:333: Teaching, Learning and Information Technology
  • 63-472: Clinical Experience- Course Facilitator
  • 63-433/473: Leadership and Management
  • 63-477: Directed Study
  • 63-481: Transitions
  • 63-596: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Leadership
  • 63-597: Innovation in Nursing Leadership
  • 63-580: Patient Safety and Quality Improvement for the Advanced Practice Nurse
  • 63-580: Readings in Gerontological Nursing
  • 63-399: Patient Safety: Creating a Safer Healthcare System
  • 63-580: Quality Improvement for the Healthcare Professional