Grants and Awards

Internal Research Grants Program

The Faculty of Nursing is pleased to launch its 2015-2016 round of the internal research grants program to all full-time nursing faculty members. The program is intended to serve the following purposes:

  1. Engage a larger number of faculty members in research activity and increase the faculty's research portfolio
  2. Enhance the grant writing experiences of junior faculty members
  3. Open venues of research collaboration between faculty members and clinical and/or college nursing partners
  4. Provide opportunities for mentorship of junior faculty members and graduate students
  5. Provide a source of seed funds for faculty members who may plan to obtain pilot data for larger grant applications. 

The total fund allocated to this year’s general call for proposals is $7,000; however, the budget of a single proposal shall not exceed $3,500. All applications must be submitted electronically and in hard copy to Ms. Anne Dennahower no later than 16:30 on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. (Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed).

All applications will be subject to blind peer review that will be coordinated by the University’s Office of Research and may be performed by researchers from the university community (outside of nursing). Principal applicants will receive notification acknowledging the receipt of the application materials if submitted on or before the deadline. All applicants will receive notification about the outcome of the review on or before the last day of August 2015. Please be advised that a faculty member is allowed only one application in any given year.  Faculty members possessing an active (ongoing) internal research grant are not eligible to apply. Please carefully read the proposal guidelines prior to completing the grant application. All grant applications much include a completed budget and budget Justification form and up to date UW IQAP eCV.

General Nursing Research Grant: This grant is open to any nursing related research study

Faculty-Student Research Grant: This is a research grant on any nursing related research. The faculty applicant must include an undergraduate or a graduate student along with an outline of the student mentorship plan during the course of the proposed study. 

Teaching and Learning Grant - This grant is developed and sponsored by the Teaching Leadership Chair Prof. Judy Bornais, and is partially supplemented by the Research Chair.

Research Excellence Award

The deadline for the call for nominations for the Faculty of Nursing Research Excellence Award is now closed.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Maher M. El-Masri,
Research Chair, Faculty of Nursing
Tel: 519-253-3000, ext. 2400