Future Students

Dr. Michelle Freeman attains CPPS

August 23, 2012 - Dr. Michelle Freeman received the credential of Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) from the Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety in August 2012. This credential, CPPS, identifies individuals who are competent in patient safety science and its application.

Faculty of Nursing Announcements

Message from Dr Linda Patrick, Dean, Faculty of Nursing:

I am pleased to announce the following recent achievements in the Faculty of Nursing:

1) CASN Accreditation update:

Nursing faculty members receive several grants and awards

April 23, 2012 - Nursing Faculty members are recognized for several recent achievements:

1) Jamie Crawley - received the prestigious MNRS Dissertation Award during the MNRS conference in Dearborn, Michigan.

2) Susan Fox and Debbie Rickeard on their successful receipt of the UW Women's research grant

3) Debbie Dayus and Jamie Crawley on their receipt of the CLIF grant