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Summer Society Showdown

Summer Society Showdown

What is the Summer Society Show Down?

This is a competition between all of the faculty teams participating in Welcome Week, prior to the start of Welcome Week. The contest begins with the applications submitted by upper-year students to become Faculty Leaders through March and April. The first place winning faculty team will receive a cash prize of $750 for their student society and the second-place winning faculty team, will receive a cash prize of $350 for their student society. The winning faculty teams will be announced during UWindsor Welcome Week Training on Friday, September 3rd, 2021.

How can my team participate?

Faculty teams that participate in the following challenges throughout the summer earn their teams points in the Show Down Contest.

Faculty Leader applications open Thursday, February 18, 2021 and close Friday, April 9, 2021. Your goal is to recruit as many upper year students from your Faculty as possible to apply to be Faculty Leaders. Once applications close, we will weight application participation by percentage in relation to the size of the faculty (since some faculties are bigger/smaller than others). We will announce the winner of this challenge after Leaders have been assigned to teams and the Faculty Leader Facebook group has been set up for the summer.


Point Allocation:

  • (0-20%) = 10 Points 
  • (21-40%) = 20 Points 
  • (41-60%) = 30 Points 
  • (61 to 80 %) = 40 Points 
  • (81 to 100%) = 50 Points

At the beginning of the summer, the Orientation Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator will assign and announce Faculty Leader teams (via the Faculty Leader Facebook group) to post during specific weeks throughout the summer. As a team you will need to organize your group to post an image to the Faculty Leader Facebook group that fits the criteria below:

  • Meet the Team Monday: Introduce a member of your team to our Faculty Leader Facebook group. This is meant to bring us together as a community so that we can understand who will be leading our future Lancers this year! Post a picture of your team member and what position they hold on your team. Tell us what program they are in, 2 fun facts about themselves and 1 thing they are excited about for the coming Fall Semester.
  • What’s Up Wednesday: Who has the best leaders ever?! UWindsor does and we want you to tell us why! Post an image of one of your leaders doing a favourite UWindsor activity and why it’s their favourite thing to do at UWindsor.
  • Feel Good Friday: Post an image of what self-care looks like for a member of your team. Tell us about yourself, what you are doing and why this is a good self-care practice for you.


Point Allocation:

If your team posts on their assigned week, you get 50 points per challenge. Ex, if you post for all three of your assigned weeks, you get 150 points.

20 Bonus points for each post that is blue and gold themed or represents that welcome week theme

We have two socials scheduled throughout the summer. The Orientation Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator will be orchestrating these and offering a series of challenges for your team to participate in. Instructions and details about what these activities are will be provided at the Social your team attends. Socials are a way for you guys to get to know your team better and have some fun while at it. All your team members need to do is show up and participate to earn points. Socials are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Saturday, June 19th, 2021
  • Saturday, August 21st, 2021


Point Allocation:

5 points will be assigned to each team member that shows up and participates in the social activities

Each social will also have a bonus challenge worth 50 points for those teams that choose to participate

Senior Leaders will be responsible to submit numbers of faculty leaders that attended each social to the Orientation Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator within 24 hours of the social, if they want their points tallied.

The Rules

Posting and participation must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Faculty Leader contract that you have signed with the Student Success and Leadership Centre. If for some reason, you violate the rules of your contract you will be unable to continue participating in the Summer Society Show Down and our Welcome Week Program as a whole for the remainder of the summer and fall.

Important Dates for 2021:

  • Meet the Team Monday: Reoccuring Mondays
  • What’s Up Wednesday: Reoccuring Wednesdays
  • Feel Good Friday: Reoccuring Fridays
  • Socials:
    • Saturday, June 19, 2021
    • Saturday, August 21, 2021


Past Winners


First Place: Science Society 

Second Place: Human Kinetics

Welcome Week Winners Poster: Science and Human Kinetics


First Place: Science Society 

Second Place: Odette Commerce Society

Science Society Students standing with a cheque