Student Directing other Students

Program Policies

Part-Time Study

Participation in the OS program is available to part-time students. To be eligible for OS admission as a second year Scholar, you must have completed at least eight but no more than twelve courses. Any OS student may accept a research position as long as they are registered for at least one course.

Supervision by Contract Faculty

OS Academic Appointments may be supervised by Sessional or Limited Term faculty members, as long as a tenure-stream faculty co-sponsors the Research Proposal and is able to assume responsibility for it in the event that the contract faculty member leaves the university. This policy is intended to provide continuity for the student. 


Students may defer their involvement in the OS program, when they are engaged in a Coop, Exchange, or Internship opportunity, or for other academic reasons or personal circumstances as outlined in Senate Bylaw 54. Students taking advantage of any of these grounds for deferral are required to communicate with the OS Coordinator, to agree upon a plan for completing the OS program in a timely way.


The OS program is fully portable. Students may accept research positions outside their majors and may change majors, without harming their status as Outstanding Scholars. If you decide to change your major, you are expected to meet with the OS Coordinator to discuss deferring your research work.

Removal from the Program

Students will be asked to leave the OS program if their University of Windsor cumulative GPA drops below 80.0.

Students will be asked to leave the program if their faculty supervisor informs the Coordinator that they have not completed their work responsibilities, and have failed to communicate with either the faculty supervisor or the OS Coordinator to explain why the work has not been completed.

Students found to have plagiarized their research results or research reports will be asked to leave the OS program.

Complete OS Policy and Procedure

The current draft of OS Policy and Procedure is attached below as a PDF.

If you have questions regarding the program policies described above, please contact the Outstanding Scholars Coordinator. 

OS Policy and Procedure 5-19-2021.pdf