Links and Contact Information

Outstanding Scholars research proposals and contracts are now processed through the University of Windsor's OS SharePoint page at:

Support and resources for students and faculty who are participating in the OS program are available on the OS Blackboard organization page. Please send an email to the Program Coordinator if you wish to be added to that page.

Please note that access to SharePoint and Blackboard is only available to those who have a University of Windsor ID and password.

For further information, please contact:

Tim Brunet, PhD - Higher Education and Leadership
Coordinator, Outstanding Scholars and Student Leadership
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Science
Dillon Hall, Room 106
University of Windsor, N9B 3P4
519.253.3000 x3457

You can also reach me on Microsoft Teams. If you are new to Teams, you can watch this Microsoft Teams tutorial to get up and running with the app. Please drop me a note by chatting with me at and ask if I'm available. I may be working with another student when you alert me. I will respond with your approximate wait time by chat and then call you at the proposed time on Teams. If you have a small group or a fellow OS student that would like to meet simultaneously, please send me the list of names with their emails and I'll set up a group chat.