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Theatre and Publishing

Third year B.F.A. student Rachel Offer is taking her second year of undergraduate research in a less conventional direction. Wanting to focus on Canadian theatre, Rachel has joined Dr. Michelle MacArthur as a writer for the magazine Alt. Theatre: Cultural Diversity and the Stage, of which Michelle is the editor-in-chief. Rachel has interviewed artists from Canada and abroad, been a fact checker for the magazine, and even critiqued professional shows, all while becoming a published writer in a relevant theatre magazine. 

Rachel says "it was interesting to take the training that I recevied here about critically analyzing work that my classmates and I do, and put that into a more academic, journalistic, review of work that's not mine...I think that helps me with my own process as an artist." Rachel also believes that the opportunity to interview so many established arists has given her confidence as her graduation approaches. "I can do this, because I have done it, I'm doing things right now that other people in the artistic world are doing. They're not in school, they're making a living at it. This work is just reaffirming that I am capable of living my life like this."