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The Politics of Women's Movements

Second-year political science student Katrina Bahnam is spending her first year in the Outstanding Scholars program contributing to a dissertation project involving politics and women's movements. Under the guidance of Dr. Cheryl Collier, Katrina is gathering information about the history of women's movements and other social movements in Canada and investigating the reactions from the various political parties. Katrina has learned and put into practice several important research methods during her first year of the program. Her most recent literary review has helped determine the direction of both the research project and Katrina's career path.

"Through this project I am gaining so much insight on the struggles women and people, in general, go through and the large role the government plays in that," Katrina explained, "being a minority female myself it is important to me to understand the history of the feminization of parties and human rights." Katrina is continuing to research this topic with Dr. Collier and is also preparing to write her LSAT test in September 2019. She hopes to work in the human rights field in the future.