Student Perception of Teaching (SPT)

Starting Fall 2023, the University of Windsor is implementing the Senate approved Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPTs), formerly the Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs). The SPTs provides a summary of students’ perceptions of instruction and course characteristics to instructors, which can provide valuable feedback to instructors on their teaching effectiveness and the overall value of the course, and may be considered as part of an instructor’s performance review as well as tenure and promotion decisions.

SPT forms are completed online. The form is only available within the last week of classes for a 6-week course and the last two weeks for a 12-week course. It takes 10 minutes to complete. Students are encouraged to provide constructive feedback that focuses on aspects of the teaching or the course. Responses are confidential, and only summary information, not individual responses, will be seen by the instructor. Written comments will be provided only to the instructor, without connecting them to your answers to other questions, and they will be provided verbatim. Therefore, students may wish to avoid discussing anything that may be traceable (such as specific conversations or incidents). The redesign provides enhanced transparency, validity, usability, and efficiency of our approach to gathering feedback on student experience. Your voice and perceptions matter.

SPT Steering and Implementation Committee


Dennis Jackson, Faculty Member, Psychology Department

Erika Kustra, Administration - Associate Vice President Academic

Committee Members

John Osbourne, IT Services

Renee Wintermute, Senate Secretariate

Ray Darling, Registrar's Office

Jessica Raffoul, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Candace Ryan, Sessional Instructor, Nursing

Noeman Mirza, Faculty Member, Nursing

Ola Abuazma, Undergraduate Student, School of Social Work

Cassidy Kost, Graduate Student, Psychology Department


Instructor Resources

Here are links to download the class slides in both PDF and PowerPoint format.

Download the PDF Slides

Download the PPT Slides

User Manual for Student Perception of Teaching (only available to instructors)

View the SPT Manual PDF

SPT open periods, when students can complete the SPTs at the end of each semester, are listed by course code on the Registrar’s website. To view the open period follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the following website:
  2. Click on "Timetable Information" on the left-hand menu and then your relevant semester from the dropdowns as shown in the screenshot below: timetable information and then winter 2024
  3. Once you have located your SPT Dates link, you can view the relevant dates for each class by looking at the right two columns of the table, as shown in the screenshot below:timetable screenshot



Frequently Asked Questions

Reports are released to instructors after grades have been approved by the Dean of the Faculty offering the course and posted by the Registrar for the previous semester.

Here is a copy of a sample report:

Sample Report PDF

Written comments are shared only with the instructor. Instructors may choose to add the comments to their teaching dossier and include comments in the Renewal, Tenure/Permanence and Promotion process.

Comments that are discriminatory, harassing, hateful, or in violation of existing University policies on harassment or non-academic misconduct are to be reported to the SPT Steering Committee at

Some practices you can undertake to increase response rates include:

  • At multiple times over the course of the semester, talk with your class about the importance of completing the SPTs, and how you use that information to enhance the learning experience for your students.
  • Around the midpoint of the semester, circulate a survey to your class asking for feedback on how to enhance the learning experience for the second half of the semester. Implement the recommendations provided by students during the second half of the course, and let the students know what you were able to change and what was not possible and why. Students will expperience trhe impact their feedback had on the learning environment and will be encouraged to complete the SPTs as they know their feedback results in changes to the teaching delivery.
  • Email and post announcements in Brightspace for your class during SPT open period encouraging students to complete the SPTs.
  • Put the date of the SPT in your course syllabus. The statement that the Student Perceptions of Teaching forms will be administered in the last two weeks of classes (for 12 week courses) or the last week of classes (for 6 week courses) must be included in your course syllabus, per Senate Bylaw 54, 2.1.3. 
  • Prior to the SPT open period, remind students that it is coming and to bring an electronic device to complete the SPT. 
  • Remember that the SPTs are to be administered in-class. Time should be provided (up to 15 minutes) at the beginning of the class period, not the end, to students to complete the SPT on their laptop or other electronic device (via link, QR code, etc.). Students who do not have an electronic device with them are encouraged to complete the SPT later, once they have access to such a device. (per SPT Policy) 

This depends upon the course. For most courses, we would expect an average between 3 and 5 (the middle of the scale). We might expect introductory courses to have lower (less demanding) scores, and honours or advanced/difficult courses would likely have higher than typical scores.  

  • The course comparative means provide an average for comparison of your own ratings.  Currently these comparative means are from a small pilot study and not specific selection of courses. As such, this pilot sample is not an accurate comparable. 
  • Starting with Fall 2024 reports, the comparative means will be based on 2023/2024 SPT responses for all courses and will provide a more useful comparison. 

We do not have a good answer to this question at this time. The reports for the SET were very inadequate, reporting only an overall instructor and course score. We recommend you present both sets of feedback separately in your teaching dossier.  


For more information on confidence levels or table indicating response rate for different sizes, See the SPT User’s Manual, Part 5: Validity and Reliability of the SPT and SPTs in General.  

SPTs started in the Fall of 2023, and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SETs) were administered until Intercession 2023. They are two separate processes. To retrieve SET reports, including any feedback that may have been provided, submit a ticket to IT services:

Want a PDF version of the FAQ? View the SPT Frequently Asked Questions PDF

How do I access and complete an online SPT? View the ask.UWindsor Article

Need some help? Submit a ticket for assistance.


Email if you have any questions.