Curriculum & Structure - Clinical Psycholgy

The Clinical Psychology Program is an integrated MA/PhD program designed to be completed in six years.

Students must complete their master’s degree in their first two years of study, but the master’s component of the program is not designed to stand alone. Students interested only in a master’s degree should apply elsewhere.

Students who enter the program with a master’s degree are eligible for course waivers for comparable requirements completed elsewhere. Students entering their third year are permitted to take only required courses until the Master’s Thesis is complete.

The course work includes a core curriculum involving statistical methods, ethical and professional issues in psychology, and at least one course on cultural, cross-cultural, or multicultural issues.

All students who are planning to become registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario complete courses in biological bases of behavior, cognitive bases of behavior, social bases of behavior, and the historical and philosophical foundations of psychology.

Course work also includes therapy and assessment sequences and requirements vary according to the specialized tracks. The Clinical Psychology Program offers in-house therapy training in each of the primary theoretical approaches, as well as training in diagnostic interviewing, and basic and advanced adult and child assessment.

Students also must complete a practicum and an internship.

The Clinical Psychology Program requires a minimum of 300 hours of practicum training for the MA degree, and a minimum of 700 additional hours for the PhD degree (1000 hours at the MA and PhD levels combined). An additional 1000 hours of practicum prior to the year-long predoctoral internship is recommended.

Students are required to engage in research across their enrolment in the Clinical Psychology Program.

All students who are admitted are guaranteed a faculty research supervisor. Although it may be desirable in some cases, a pre-arranged match between an applicant and a specific faculty research supervisor is not a condition for admission.

Students who are interested in attending the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Windsor and/or are admitted to the program are encouraged to talk to graduate students and faculty in the department about research before choosing a research supervisor.